Dredging & Marine Service


We are a full service Hydraulic Dredging & Marine Contractor. We specialize in hydraulic dredging of harbors, drydocks, rivers, lakes, marinas, ponds, intakes & environmental sediment ponds. We stockpile sand for Construction firms at their urban and remote site locations. As a complete Marine Contractor we can fulfill your project requirements such as installation of underwater utilities, municipal water intake and supplies, waste water discharge .

Ever since we ventured into marine logistics support services, we have consistently demonstrated a very high standard in the delivery of our duties to the admiration of our clients. We have made indelible mark with our operations such as the supply of Lifeboats to Shell Petroleum Development Company, Schlumberger Nig. Ltd, Nigerian Agip Oil Company, Trevi Foundation Ltd etc. Thus, we have been favourably disposed in providing marine support services to companies working in the Niger-Delta Area due to our track record

In this way, MITASOTY has been able to contribute positively to the development of the nation as well as adding value to the local engineering and marine services content.


  1. Capital and Maintenance Dredging
  2. Land Reclamation
  3. Coastal Defense (Beach Nourishment)
  4. Sweeping of Oil Wells and Locations
  5. Stockpiling and Sand filling
  6. Shore protection, Jetty Construction
  7. Harbor/ Ports Maintenances


  1. Stockpilling and Sand filling
  2. Wellhead sweeping
  3. Canalisation
  4. Riverbed sweeping
  5. Trenching