MITASOTY logistics


MITASOTY Management has in common a total commitment to provide value added and timely world class service at highly competitive prices. They do this by matching appropriate technology to client's requirements, with special emphasis on low cost and efficiency. Our project completion before schedule strategies makes the company second to none in the industry.

Minimizing the potential for human errors, which contributes directly or indirectly to casualties or pollution incidents, is a task facing all dredging and construction companies today. To meet this demand, companies should be able to ensure that personnel are properly informed and equipped to fulfill their operation safely.


  1. Lease and operation of tugboats and badges.
  2. Lease and operation of Swap buggy
  3. Lease and operation of light trucks and vansi
  4. Lease and operation of cranes, forklift.
  5. Lease and operation of trailers and self loaders.
  6. Lease and operation of caterpillars, bulldozers
  7. Lease and operation of barges of various capacities
  8. Lease and operation of offshore support vessels
  9. Lease and servicing of power generating plant.
  10. Laying of linear matrass
  11. Laying of linear matrass