Prourement Services


As for our procurement department, we have registered with so many oil companies and are agents to so many foreign manufacturing firms in the procurement of various items needed by our clients. instruments of all grades, PVT Engineering, CORE Analysis and Cementing Laboratory Equipment. Laboratory Furniture, Geochemistry Equipment, Analytical Equipment, Ecological and Geophysics Equipment, Environmental Equipment and instruments, Catalyst Testing Equipment, Petroleum Testing Equipment, Pilot plants, Generators, Water Treatment Plants, Water Pumps Compressors, Instrument control, Industrial and Laboratory chemicals of all grades. Drugs and Safety materials and equipment, etc.

With our network of representation/distributorship, we can comfortably equip any laboratory, workshop, office, etc. Additionally, we are pleased with our business association with Bell Technology Ltd, and Anderson Dredging Inc.USA. Our services are second to none as we combine functionality with efficiency, enterprise and integrity in the conduct of our official business. With our team of well-experienced, dedicated engineers and technicians and with its excellent customer services and support, MITASOTY is an emerging leader in the real sense.

Please feel confident to call upon MITASOTY for your Marine Support Services, Civil and Engineering Services and Procurement. Our management teams comprising of well experienced professionals in their own fields are ever ready to serve our valued customer.