Environmental Waste Management

Solid/Oil waste treatment

The management of Oil Waste , contaminated sites, refineries waste and other petroleum waste generators has become a major environmental issue. Worldwide environmental awareness is consistently waking up to new laws and regulations governing all aspects of waste storage, treatment and disposal. Bans on the disposal of contaminated soil and petroleum waste in landfills and seas have inspired the development of a permanent solution for this problem.

MITASOTY has successfully presented its unit which has the capabilities of treating these wastes. We also have the capabilities of processing anticipated volume of waste based spent mud and sludge cuttings. Water or brine contaminated with oil/drilling fluids using gravity separation, flocculation and filtration as well as Triflo Centrifuge.

MITASOTY pioneered environmental engineering services in the oil rich Niger Delta region as an indigenous firm working with over 90% Nigerian workforce. We have collaborated with international and local experts in waste management towards developing acceptable standards and best practices. Significant rewards have been made by using a combination of technologies that includes LTDU, HTDU, and Incinerators culminating in our long relationship with National Agip Oil Company (NAOC) and other oil and gas companies in Nigeria.


  1. Waste recycling
  2. Oily water separation and disposal
  3. Drum crushing
  4. Dislodging and treatment of hydrocarbon sludge pits
  5. Water borehole services
  6. soil remediation
  7. Offshore/onshore pest control and fumigation services
  8. Tank farm bottom sludge hydrocarbon sludge dislodging, treatment and management
  9. Laying of linear matrass
  10. some items we manage and recycle include
    1. Spent beverage bottles
    2. Tyres
    3. Beverage cans
    4. Spent chemical drums
    5. Waste steel products
    6. Left over chemicals

Other waste management services

  1. Environmental engineering services- such as terracing, Jetty Construction Reclamation and Groin supply and implantation.
  2. Environmental consultancy services such as satellite mapping and surveying of old and new oil pipeline route and networks.
  3. Offshore/onshore pest control and fumigation services
  4. Enviromental Consultancy services
    1. EIA
    2. Environmental services/economics
    3. Baseline/post impact studies
    4. Laboratory consultancy service
    5. Compliance Monitoring/Audit
    6. Environmental Laboratory service
    7. Environmental management service
  5. waste management technology
  6. Engineering oil and gas
  7. Pollution control
  8. Marine pollution management
  9. Renewable energy
  10. Effluent treatment

Some MITASOKY staff receiving briefing before operations